Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Land of Fantasy

We live in a world that exists within blurry lines of distinction.  Reality has become fantasy and fantasy has become reality.  I even know of a girl whose name is Anastasia.  Disney is just one means of entertainment and leisure that we enjoy in today’s society.  Other means include hunting, sports, shopping, listening to music, surfing the web, and of course watching television.  Not to say any of these distractions are wrong in themselves, but when we become oblivious to reality, something is wrong.

Reality is this life is all we have to make one decision that will affect our entire eternity.  That decision boils down to whether we will choose to follow Christ with our lives or not.  The truth is we make hundreds of choices every day that will also affect our eternity.  Reality is there is a heaven and there is a hell and many believe there are degrees found in both.  In other words, heaven will be cooler and hell will be hotter for some compared to others.  I do believe some in heaven will have more jewels in their crown than others but that when we lay our crowns at the throne of his feet, we will all be on level ground.  The Crown Jewel in Heaven will be Christ Himself, not the number of jewels in our crown.

This all begs the question as to why we spend so much of our time, thoughts, and money on the temporal.  These things will not last.  If hundreds of millions of people all around us were living in poverty and were hopeless without Christ and we had one mandate to go and share the good news with them, what should we do?  Should we add more programs, add another staff member, build another building, schedule another meeting, or should we drop all of that and do what we were commissioned to do:  GO! 

In our land of fantasy, we have become oblivious to our lost neighbors, classmates, employees, family members, and friends.  And this has occurred all at the expense of things that will not cross over from this side to the next.  Let us be honest with the Lord and confess we have become complacent over lost souls.  We have stopped praying for them and long ago we stopped kneeling and crying for them.  I will be the first to say I am guilty.  It probably wouldn’t hurt if from time to time I literally pinched myself to serve myself as a reminder to this wake up call.  We forget we really are in a cosmic battle at this very point in time where spiritual warfare is ever before us and over 7 billion lives on planet earth are at stake. 

Nowhere has the land of fantasy become more apparent than in America where the adult entertainment industry has taken over American lives.  People are consumed and addicted to this Fantasy Land and everyday it costs us our national stability as families are torn apart from the inside out.  It is high time not only to pray for lost souls but also for our country.  There is an answer in the midst of all the chaos.  His Name is still Christ and in Him rests the full gospel answer!  The gospel is not just for conversion.  It is for every area of our lives!          

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