Saturday, November 9, 2013

Remember When ...

Remember when times were simpler, when there weren't so many choices, when enough was enough.  How far have we come in 30 years?  We live in an age now where most things happen instantly, where people feel entitled to something without working for it, and where more seems to never be enough.

As a child, I remember living on a tree farm in Georgia.  In the winter time, dad would pull out his chainsaw, march into the woods, and bring back firewood which would heat the entire house through our centrally located iron wood stove. 

I remember going out to eat.  I was what you call a plain Jane.  I ordered the same thing every time from everywhere and didn't need side items. 

I also remember a man who would come on one of our four tv channels (no cable) from time to time who would speak a message of grace to the masses.  This was always a special occasion as the family enjoyed gathering around in the living room to listen to his message, even though we could hear the same type of message preached on most Sunday mornings at our local church.   If you have not guessed it yet, this man's name was Billy Graham. things have changed.  Now I have electric heat, I enjoy ordering side items, and Billy Graham just turned 95, preaching his last sermon.  But with the onset of the information or digital age, we seemed to have lost something.  We may indeed now have it all and know it all but we are lacking in substance.  And that substance is found in the simplicity of a message that Graham spent his life sharing about. 

Though no man is perfect, it is admirable that Graham stuck to his core values to the end.  Through the changing seasons, the life changing message does not change.  This message has become more offensive over the past 30 years but we must not and can not change the message to fit the desire of the masses. 

What truly has happened over the past couple of decades is we were given more idols.  In this case, more was not better.  Giving into these idols, many have begun to water down the message.  Many today have allowed these idols to crowd out their ability to hear from God on high.  Graham, a NC farm boy witnessed God put him in places he would never have imagined about growing up.  From traveling to the oval office to meet with Presidents and from traveling worldwide to meet with world leaders, Graham became known in the United States as America's Pastor.  I think Graham stating recently that he has wept for America will be some of the last words that we remember him by.  I have to agree with Graham.  As a nation, we have been running from God for too long.  Now is the time to turn back!        

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