Saturday, February 15, 2014

When you see these things ...

Civil unrest and disorder in Egypt and Ukraine.  Utter chaos in Somalia.  Civil War in South Sudan and Syria.  Terror and nuclear threats from Iran, North Korea, and Afghanistan.  A growing global al-quaeda and terror networks.  Power grid and cyber infrastructure concerns (think Eric Snowden).   US intelligence leaders in their annual reports said this month that the least secure the United States has ever been.  Decreasing our nuclear weapons, our military size, and our military presence in hostile terror environments diminishes our influence/power and makes the world a much less stable place.

On top of that are our economic concerns.  We are 17 trillion in debt and growing every day.  In just the last 5 years, our government has increased its debt by more than 60 % of its original debt (10 trillion).  Our government has spent over 6 trillion since the economic stimulus package.  Much of that money was wasted on unnecessary items.  We could be only 2-3 years from what Greece went through.  We're not talking about an economic disaster but an economic collapse.  It won't be so trivial when you drive up to the bank to get your money and its not there. A US economic collapse will effect the entire world.  
My friend just called me to inform me an earthquake that happened last night in South Carolina.  That is on top of the ice storm their state just received where there Governor stepped up to say that it worse than an hurricane in terms of damage.  Having lived in SC, I can tell you that is unusual weather. 

In Matthew 24:6, Jesus said that hearing of wars and rumors of war and having famines and earthquakes in various places are nothing but the beginning of birth pains.  Jesus went on to describe more pains and then he gave a lesson from a fig tree saying, "when you see all these things," you know the end is near. 

None of us this should catch us off guard.  We live on a fallen earth with fallen man given dominion to run the planet.  However, we don't have complete control.  There is One who keeps the planet rotating so that we can do all our tasks under the sun. 

If God thought economics was the problem, he would have sent us an economist.  If He thought education was the problem, he would have sent us an educator.  If He thought politics was the problem, he would have sent us a politician.  But God knew sin was our problem thus He sent us a Savior.

Thankfully, this Savior has promised to return and to make all things right.

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